Here are some links to articles Virginie Vlaminck is featured in:

Here are some articles Virginie Vlaminck is featured in:

  • An article by Virginie Vlaminck, written in 2016, featured in AISCCONNECT. This article discusses the work that the American International school of Chennai has achieved hand in hand with “Namma Beach, Namma Chennai”. 



  • An article by the Chennai Chronicle featuring Virginie Vlaminck. During the celebration of Madras week, she describes Chennai as her home. Bringing up the issue of increasing development, and discussing the need for improvement. Virginie does this through her important project,”Namma Beach, Namma Chennai”. 
    • 24th of August 2017

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  • An article by Chennai DOWNTOWN, featuring one of many events hosted by “Namma Beach, Namma Chennai” by the name of Operation Ice Cream. It has brought together locals, internationals, students and volunteers with the aim of keeping Chennai’s beaches clean. 
    • 3rd of November, 2017

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  • An article by Cultura, written by Jane Kartaria focusing on Virginie Vlaminck and her project “Namma Beach, Namma Chennai”. The article discusses what the focus is of her project, why she does it and why it is important to the overall wellbeing of Chennai.
    • December 2017

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